Highly Customizable

  • Working together with our Artist-Friends we made sure to include extensive features for hyper-customization of your unique website.
  • Create the perfect digital representation of your personal aesthetics.
  • Custom Mouse-Pointer, Menu-Animations and much more.
  • We want that YOU, not the software, decide how your page looks!

Fully Native
Integration in WordPress

  • We don’t use a custom page builder like many other themes, because we want to ensure a flawless UI-experience & compatibility with future WordPress-Versions.

Built with
WordPress Customizer’s Live Feature in mind.

  • Our Design-Tools are built natively into the WordPress Customizer.
  • Design your website while watching the changes in WordPress’ native Live-View!

Archival Features

  • Different types of Galleries to suit your presentation style.
  • Build your own archive by adding your artworks to the portfolio.

Multimedia Ready

  • Use Video & Audio to your heart’s content.
  • Background-Videos with optional, transparent overlays.
  • Beautiful & clean, custom Audio-Player.

Awesome Galleries

A gif or video showing all the gallery types we have and a link to the demos page (where all galleries can be viewed in action on the demo sites or life)

Fully Responsive

a gif and a text

Powered by WordPress

a text about wordpress

  • powering 30% of the internet
  • customize
  • opensource and secure
  • very easy to use

Speed Optimized

  • A text how fast everything is and showing some page speed tests from google (best from this site)