The last slider block you will ever need

Gutenslider is a wordpress plugin that contains a slider block for Gutenberg. It allows admins to easily create custom slideshows and carousels in the wordpress editor backend.

It features images and videos in order to create the best sliding content you want. There are different modi for sliding, the fade mode and the slide mode.

Add anything on top

The block allows you to add any other block you can imagine on top. And make it slidable content. For example, you can add WooCommerce Blocks, all standard Gutenberg Blocks, Cadence Blocks, Stackable Blocks, CoBlocks and many more.

Gutenslider lets you add any content on top

Gutenslider is more than a slider

If you add a single image / video to the block, it will feature as a crazy and nice section, with lots of controls. So it is actually not only a slider but also a section block, that lets you choose background of the block (image or video) spacing, alignment and many more. For a full list of features, check out the official plugin site at wordpress.

Made for Artists and Creatives

Gutenslider offers many customization options and offers new ways of displaying your artwork, photography and other portfolio items. As a photographer, you can add e.g. Gallery Blocks on top and make them semi-transparent or apply other blending effects. That will add more crisp to your images while other media is sliding in the background. Of course you can add colored overlays to make the content you add on top stand out more.

As an artist, you can get really creative with Gutenslider and create your own internet artworks. Add Sliders ontop of sliders ontop of sliders and see how the dynamic moving web of awesomeness can be your next canvas for your portfolio website.