Highly Customizable
Create the perfect digital representation of your personal aesthetics.

Working together with our Artist-Friends we made sure to include extensive features for hyper-customization of your unique website.
We want that YOU, not the software, decide how your page looks!

Future-Proof, Fully Native Integration in WordPress
(No Custom Site-Builders with Clunky UI)

We don’t use a custom page builder like many other themes, because we want to ensure flawless experience & compatibility with future WordPress-Versions.

Built with WordPress’ Customizer Live Feature in mind

Design your website while watching the changes
in WordPress’ native Live-View!

Some of the reasons to love artist-theme


Create the website you ever wanted, that fits perfectly to your artwork – by customizing sooooo many things.

You are an Artist not a Coder

You don’t have to write a single line of code. Use the flexible wordpress customizer to adapt your website to your needs.

Awesome Galleries

To showcase your artwork in the best way, we added many different, customizable galleries to focus on your artwork.

Fully Responsive

Your website will look great, on all devices available

Powered by WordPress

WordPress is the standard for customizable online websites. Be one of the satisfied users.


The Websites are optimized for speed. Despite the many customize options, the wordpress theme is built with speed in mind and performs awesome.

What artists are saying

Buy artist-theme now!

You will never regret it. It is time to spread your artwork. Now.

If you need any help in setting up your website or do not have a clue what wordpress and wordpress themes are or where you should host your website – dont hesitate to contact us, we will get it solved.